Tuesday, February 16, 2010

where can i take you?

SF based design team Mike and Maaike put the 'auto' back into automobile in this self driving concept vehicle for 2040: The Atnmbl.

Some of the bonuses include:
• fully electric powered plus solar assist
• driver less navigation via GPS, Lidar, radar, accelerometers
• wrap-around seating for 7
• voice recognition and remote for real-time control/ input
• electronically tinted windows
• all wheel drive with motors in each wheel

So it will pick you up, drop you off, and then park itself. Oh, and there's a mini bar: for those of you who are into that sort of thing. I like this mobile living room of the future because it works to eliminate all the things I hate about driving and highlights the things I like.

This concept keeps surfacing. When auto cars can communcate with each other to form private comunter trains going at faster speeds with out the traffic jams. Freeways would have to dedicate two lanes to them. The "train lane" and an entrance/exit lane.

There are a couple of issues yet to be addressed. Like the integration of this type of vehicle with manually driven vehicles. A fully automatic and voice controlled vehicles strip away some of the vital appeal of owning a car. Yes, you want to get from A to B but that is only part of it. People like the feeling of driving. The car becomes and extension of the driver. It gives them super human strength. The auto-mobiles of the future will have to be both the space and the tool. Like getting inside the belly of a robot.

One more question:
Will they be Google cars?

Read more about it here: www.mikeandmaaike.com

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