Saturday, January 10, 2009

oh Hulger

This is the Pappa phone. It was designed by Hulger and is hand-made by Funri. It's specifically designed for VoIP services like Skype, iChat, GoogleTalk, Vonage, etc, so there are no buttons. Oh so cool and yet somehow... I'm tormented.

They got it right with Skype (i love you free and easy technology).
They got it right with the crafty goodness of mixing tech with heirloom quality American walnut. Yes! More!

So then my sweet dear Pappa phone, why don't I love you? You're retro. kinda. With your big bulky style and that phone cord reminding me of when I was 10. You're modern? You don't look very comfy. I bet you smell nice but could I shoulder you to my ear for an hour while I get my brother to help me update my website? mmm... Really, I just want to wedge you under the kitchen table leg so it doesn't wobble while I'm eating.

Well, I guess I love you for who you are Pappa, the first generation of not retro, not future, VoIP phones.

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